Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Gifts - ZAAGIDWIN (Love)

Throughout existence, man has fueled his anger and rage with hate.  Hate for this world, hate for their neighbor, hate for those different from themselves and yes, even hate of themselves.  The Grandfathers gave us the gift of love but what does that mean?  I was taught that there are four colors in our medicine wheel-each color representing one of the four races of man.  I was also taught that we are all related. The opposite of love is hate. If we are commanded to love one another, why is there so much hate and discord?  I think the underlying cause of hate is fear.  We fear what we do not know, we fear displacement, we fear losing our status…

It is not easy loving other people, especially those that we deem unlovable. But the Grandfathers taught us that we are to love one other. In order to love another person, we need to see them as equals to us.  That takes both respect and humility on our part.

If you are having trouble loving someone that the Creator has put in your life, pray that the Creator would not only give you a love for that person but that he would also bless them.  It may not happen overnight but the more you pray for another person, the more your heart softens andthat hate melts away.

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