Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Does anyone say "thank you" anymore?

Does anyone say thank you anymore?

Whether it’s the gas station, grocery store or McDonalds, I have noticed that fewer clerks and sales associates say “Thank you”.  If I am lucky, I may get a “have a good one” but often times I just get my change and am sent on my way.

Having worked in retail and customer service type positions since I was fourteen, I have always thanked people.  Heck, I once thanked a cop after he gave me a ticket-perhaps it was an automatic response to receiving something-but nonetheless you get the idea.

Lately I have taken it upon myself to say “you’re welcome” after I receive my change.  Oops the clerk never said “thank you” but then again they seem oblivious to their oversight.

Which leads me to ask-are people just that ungrateful or are they ignorant of common manners like saying “please and thank you” and holding doors open?  I know I correct my children when I observe them commit these “oversights” but then again, it is not just young people that fail to appreciate a customers investment in their place of business.  How can we expect young people to know how to conduct themselves if their parents don’t do so?

Perhaps those who fail to say thank you feel that they are being taken advantage of by their employer but taking it out on the customer only hurts the employee in the end.  If the business suffers - it’s usually the employee who becomes expendable not the owner.  And if that owner is some national conglomerate good luck in sending that message!

I work hard for money and it would be nice to hear that my business is appreciated.  On the flip side, if I get good service, it is incumbent that I too thank that person for the service that I received.

Thanking someone is a common courtesy that we all should be in the habit of doing.

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  1. I think it may go back to what we are taught. Do parents TEACH manners to their kids anymore? I wonder. Someone near and dear to me never says thank you, and I suspect that is the case with him. He says "Cool" or "oh, nice" or similar things, but almost never actually says thank you, and I have never once heard him say "You're welcome." Strange, to me.